Mar 20, 2011

Not My Wedding & Durian

Today has been filled with catching up with my besties. It's been awhile since the last time we three had spent our time together. Usually it was A who came over my place. I miss so much our get together... 

H only came back for her brother's wedding. Then she'll fly back to Brunei. A, stopped by my house early to pick me up. We're going to H brother's wedding. Luckily the bride's house is just in the next neighborhood. So we went there a bit later than planned. After breakfast, we're set to go. It took us about 10 minutes to be at the bride's house. With lots of time to spare before the event!

The wedding was simple yet emotional. We were received warmly by the bride's family. I still can't believe that the preparation for it was done in merely two weeks! Seriously uh-may-zing! ^_^ 

The story wouldn't be complete without me getting a crazy headache. *as always...* So by the time we were all heading for the wedding's reception, my head was spinning like 'gasing'! Hahaha...and for the record, I ate the smallest portion of rice ever in my life. It was like two tablespoon okay...Plus a piece of fried chicken. And took the longest time finishing off whatever was in my plate. 

With H tagging along, we went back to my place afterwards. The next in plan was durian! Yeap, we went for durian-eating after a few hours sleeping and resting. By the way, after that napping my headache was subsided. So I tagged along even if I'm not so much into this durian thing...

Just imagine...We stopped by the road side eating durian, me excluded, and the rain was starting to drizzle... What an ambiance! Add some hot gossips, perfect! >_<  When can we do this again??! 


  1. F, thanks for coming and stayed from morning till afternoon. appreciate it very very muchhh! hehe

    owh, and sorry bout ur headache. kali ni awk amik headache kt. selalu kt yg akan headache :P

    anddd..happy to spend time with u even just for a while!!

  2. :P u r was fun minus the headache! hehe

    and have fun @ the spa today! ;)

  3. Uish.. Sedapnya durian, nak sikit.. Kat KL mahall giler.. Penah beli sekali aritu, 2 bijik 60 henggit!! Sampai sekarang tobat x beli.. Tunggu balik kg je merasa.. Dpt free..

  4. Same jer bro ngan kat cni. Mahal giler ok! Ni diorang mkn 1 biji rm30. :D tp dh nk mkn kan, kene la byr...

  5. plsssssssssssss dont remind me about the price. rasa nak campak laki2 tu atas jalan raya biar kene gelek dgn kereta je!

  6. hehehe...ok, zipped up! *tp dh lps pon...* ngee :D


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