Mar 4, 2011

One and Growing

Do you know that Little Daisy's World  is one year old yesterday? ^_^ I've started the blog exactly one year before just to have some fun. The very first post I made was to announce that I'M HERE! Hehehe... I know, a little childish. But that was just me.

I wasn't much on posting entries back then. Thus the posts usually more on photographs and some descriptions. Nonetheless, I'm proud of what I've achieved so far with the blog. And for those supporting me this far, *yeap, it's only one year but so much has happened* I love you guys so damn much!  *hugs* :-D

Supposedly I made something to commemorate the day but we just have to pass that on. I wish to make a cake or maybe cupcakes*yes, i knew that. I have a sweet tooth!* But then again, there's still some of the  big chocolate cake that my younger sister made left in the fridge *all gone now, my dad having the last piece!*. At last, we finished it off!!! *Relief*

Come dinner time, we were not so hungry and that means no rice for that night. That's when I remember one recipe of linguine with eggplant as the sauce. Very creamy and flavorful I thought once I went through the recipe. 

Being fond of eggplants or aubergine or what-other-names it may called, I MUST try it! So that was our dinner for the night. Creamy spiral pasta in eggplant sauce. If you're incline to try the recipe too, here's the link to it.


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