Mar 16, 2011

Fulfilling A Request : Fruity Scones

I've got a request early yesterday morning. Through a phone call. You might have guess whose on the line, but I tell you anyway. It was from my sister *who else?!*, no doubt. Quoting her from our conversation: "Angah, I want scones. Not the chocolate chip one, but the one with fruits. And make them small and many. Please..." 

Yeah, my sister all right. Acik, these little fruity scones *notice that cute bunny shape!* for you. We'll be sending them today. 

These are another favorite at home. Not sugary sweet, but fruity sweet and we oh-so-loving-it! Making them was fun. More so with the new cutter we just bought. Hehehe... I love cookie cutters!!! When we went shopping, I always strayed to the baking aisle and drooling over the cutest cookie cutter available. Shame on me! *^__^*

Circle of fruity bunnies!


  1. cant wait to eat them all!!!

  2. can i plsssssssssssssss have them too?????????? seriusly nak!

  3. @ aisyah : just make sure you don't eat them all at once

    @ kek cawan : i could bake some for you. and hand it over when you stop by my house this week :)


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