May 27, 2011

You Took My Breath Away

Good morning...

Been raining a lot just now. And the neighbor's cat can't stop screeching at each other. Bet they are practicing their vocal chord or something. But that's not the point here.

Actually, this post is going to be truly personal. I say this upfront so you wouldn't be rolling your eyes up or vomiting all over your computer screen. So please...Take heed of the warning 'cause I'm sure not going to be responsible for any reactions you might have later. 

You've been warned. Read more if you dare...

May 23, 2011

Made For Breakfast

One more bread post. 
Todays bread hopefully going to be a bit more healthier.

I realized that I've made so many sweet things when I should have cut down the sweetness a bit more for a healthier version.
I guess I just started.

May 22, 2011

Baking IS Hot!

What's for tea today?

Outside is so hot now and seeing the temp hit 33 degrees Celsius is hardly surprising. Usually, I wouldn't attempt to bake anything at time like. It may add another 10 degrees to the kitchen.

But I just made this oh-so-lovely rolls and it was so good I wanted to share...

The rolls are buttery...and just slightly sweetened. It's also so soft and chewy at the same time. 

With speckled dried sultanas hinting a fruity bite...

I know it goes perfectly with both coffee and tea...

Tempted? Well then, hit on!

New Addition to The Family. Sort Of...

Lovely morning...

Add more loveliness to it by Shin-kun's cuteness.

By the way, he just got a new pet.

A couple of tortoises. 

Named Merah and Putih.

He loves them! No doubt about it... ^_^ 

First time they met : Erk, WHAT'RE these THINGS?


These things MOVE! Yikes!!!

Do they BITE?

This is PUTIH. The active one...

 That's all folks for the morning. We'll see you again sometimes later...I need my beauty sleep...


May 17, 2011

Best I've Ever Had

I wanted to bake some bread this evening. What I had in mind was the usual white, non-sweetened kind. But then, I had to stumble upon a gorgeous picture of frosted cinnamon rolls. Right then, all my good intention fly out of the window. 

I-just-have-to-eat-one-of-that! So you know what happened next. I made it happened. 

May 16, 2011

Simple Works!

I enjoy making cupcakes. One of the reason for it is the simplicity. I hate having to wash so many bowls to begin with. So a recipe that does not require me to take out all the bowls from the cupboard is always my go to. This one here is my favorite and a crowd pleaser. I made them again for my dad's birthday. It was a rave! Do enjoy!

To All Teachers With Love

First of all, I want to wish all teachers in Malaysia *and my dad too though he's already retired* : Happy Teacher's Day!!! 

Here in Malaysia, we're celebrating the Teacher's Day on May 16th annually. Though sometimes we'll celebrating it early if the date falls on Saturday or Sunday. What I love most about Teacher's Day was that we wouldn't have lessons for an entire day! 

All students will gather in the school hall to watch our friends performing on stage as part of the day's program. There would be poetry recital, choir, drama and singing. The teachers will loosen up a bit on this day and if we were lucky, we could have them singing on stage too! Yeap, we surely love seeing our teachers loosen up for awhile...

By the end of the day, we'll always have a present for our teachers. It wasn't compulsory to give them presents, but it was one way we students show our appreciation towards the teachers. I was always looking forward to this presents giving. The teachers would usually went teary on all of us. The gifts were not always expensive, but the teachers will always feel that they're appreciated. That's what I remembered most. *The perks of having your parents as teachers was that they'll came home with hands loaded with gifts too! Hahaha...I knew they weren't expecting it, but each small gift were shown to us with a pride in their eyes...*

Here, I want to say thank you to all my teachers since I started my kindergarten education all through my tertiary level. Thank you for the knowledge. Thank you for the experiences and of course, thank you for the love. I may not be what I wanted to be back then, but I am not morally corrupted thanks to your teachings. I also value the knowledge I've gained and I respect others. I believe, that is more important. 

Thank you, Teachers.

May 15, 2011

What's With The Cupcakes & The Weather?

Good morning!

These past few days has got me under the weather. With the hot weather and the haze, it's actually no surprise... We need to take extra care on our health at time like this. Or we'll be prone to all the ailments that entitles with it. I for one, has caught the flu. With the watery eyes and a running nose, not much can be done. Wrong. Guess what I've been up to this week despite the lack of updates?

May 9, 2011

Midnight Craving

Wanting to eat donuts in the middle of the day is perfectly fine. You could just grab them from a bakery if you wanted ASAP. Or make them yourselves if you're so incline. 

But craving the sweet yeast ring in the middle of the night is so not helping to reduce your sugar level *Um, sorry. I mean... me* I thought I've got the crave covered just a few days ago. 

Yeah... I made the donuts for my baby brother. He loves donuts. And I usually ate one or two pieces only. Not  this time though. Having this feeling makes me want to sing one particular song by The Smiths. Oh please, please, please...Let me get what I WANT...

Close your eyes and imagine this...

Soft, chewy, sweet yeasted dough covered with icing sugar...Or melted chocolate...Plus more chocolate sprinkles on top...Or crushed nuts with melted chocolate...Drool-worthy stuffs begging you to keep another extra piece just in case.

Urgh... And there goes my tummy singing for them already!

Where in the world can I get one now?! 

By the way, this song is also a soundtrack from 500 Days of Summer, my favorite bittersweet movie. You'll gonna love the movie as well as the songs in it. They complemented each other. Truly...

May 8, 2011

Crazy In Da House!

I have no excuse for neglecting my blog this past few days. There's so much I wanted to update but haven't the strength to write them all up here.

I know, that's so lame...but this one here surely trending in the house. Can you guess what that is? 

Some of you might be familiar with them by now. You can call them the funny men. That's pretty much a clue I can give. 

But, if you still haven't got an inkling of what I'm rambling about... 

Well then, have a look at this youtube video and enjoy! 

May 1, 2011


It always happened when you less expected it. 

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