Dec 4, 2012

Kitchen Invaders 7: Going Traditional

Morning folks!

School holiday already started and no doubt about it for those who didn't know. The level of cheeriness  that has increased splendidly was a dead give away. What else could kids do to embrace their short lived and fleeting freedom from school works except running around shouting their joy right? Was it not how I acted once? 

Let just say that I kinda miss my childhood and what I used to eat back then. To rectify the problem, all I need to do was asking the right person to fulfill simple request on short notice. Who else if not my dear sister! So, after a couple of hours here it is... The perfect, peel-off layers of kuih lapis

Yeah, you read that right. In my book, kuih lapis is not perfect unless the layers could be peeled off one by one. And guess what? That's how we ate it for tea. Sticky fingers and all, but that was the true joy. Say, who want a piece?

Nov 14, 2012

Tea Time: Sweet and Savory Pancakes

These pancakes has became our favorite munchies during tea time. This time we made two fillings; the usual red bean and chopped scallions. 

Nov 13, 2012

Kitchen Invaders 6: The Rolling Part


Oh my, the blog was covered with cobwebs already! Those who have visited probably has to dodge through the sticky webs. Sorry folks, my bad...

So today I am with yet another adventure of my sisters. We are trying our hands on making the  famous Japanese food, SUSHI. Oh yeah, you read that right. For first timers, we kind of doing okay. A little bit of sticky business but the result were quite good though. The handling need to be improve more I think since certain slices looks crumbly. Not enough pressure while rolling maybe?

It  started with my sister bought a sushi-making kit and brought it home for us to get our hands on it. The kit comes in complete package of a bamboo rolling mat, a pack of seaweed, a tube of wasabi, a bottle each of soy sauce and vinegar. Good enough for a starter kit don't you think? The thing was, she and her housemates each bought a kit to bring home for the short break! I guess they'll be making a lot of sushi in the future. 

I have to say, after so many of how-to-make-sushi videos we've watched on you tube finally we got to try it ourselves. One more thing to cross from our too long what-should-we-make list! The simple ingredients wouldn't hurt either. Only half of a cucumber, one omelette, a few nuggets and mayonnaise. 

Oct 15, 2012

A Slice of Wonder

Hi there everyone!

Seems like my posting has been very far and between. Life happens. So to make sure your visits here are worthwhile, I'll try to post something that will stimulate your senses... ^__^

Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first. - Ernestine Ulmer

Who can argue with that. We may not always have dessert around; while we have the opportunity, why not? In line with the quote, I did this.

A simple sponge cake can has it's BIG MOMENT when we use it to make this dessert. How I wish I can share it online right now...*sigh* The sponge was a perfect canvas. The slight tartness of cranberries over it complementing the sweetened cream cheese whipped cream topping. The real pleasure here is to have a slice of this chilled cake on a particular hot day like today... Bliss!

Oct 1, 2012

Hard Learn Lessons

Morning folks!

As much as I love the calmness in my home nowadays, I started to miss bickering with my little brother. *yes, we still acted like children at home* It has been almost two weeks now since he gone away for college at the northern part of the country. So very far from home actually. 

But since he's the one insisted on going there in the first place, all his complaints about the lack of everything fell on deaf ears. "Man up." was the gist of what my dad said to him during their conversation over the phone when he called to check up on this little brother of mine. Though I felt sorry for him, I guess it's about time he learns to not take everything for granted. 

That aside, I'm not sorry to make these pancakes at all! 

Truly hit the jackpot when I made them during one evening when I had the crave for red bean steam buns but lacking the enthusiasm to make them. The blend of crispiness, sweetness and chewiness of the pancakes really blown me away. *I'm such a sucker for red bean everything! wink*  

Sep 27, 2012

Pi or Pie

Hey folks!

Good to be back.. Now, who's in for a pie?

It was a to-die-for chocolate filled pie. So rich and fudgy it could be mistaken as brownie! But, encased with a crispy shell left no doubt what it actually was. Duh! I used a leftover (karipap) pastry shell for the pie, which results in a chewy crust at the bottom but crispy sides.

Each slice of pie was *need I remind you* very RICH and fulfilling. Thus I'm so recommending this pie for a chocolate party or if you need to fix a chocolate craving. Make no mistake though, by all means this pie is so full of calorie and addictive! A small slice per serving 'kay folks! *At least that way you can have two. Wink*

Jul 31, 2012

First in the Blessed Month

Salam and good morning! ^_^ 

We've made it to the second week of Ramadan. Praise to Allah for this blessed month, hopefully we are able to make the most out of it. 

Though it's still too early to be thinking about food, it doesn't hurt to get some ideas. Bread pudding can come either sweet or savory. I've done the savory one not too long ago. And here I'll be presenting the sweet one. It was no hassle to prepare, pretty quick to cook and the most time it took was during the soaking part. Be sure to start at least four hours in advance before the serving time.

Jul 2, 2012

Just Another Football Story

Hello there! 

I kinda knew that Spain will win against Italy. But not that big of a winning! Maybe 2-1 or something... With at least a goal from Italy. From the start, it was obvious that Spain being the aggressor. No doubt with the first goal at the fourteenth minute fired up the Spaniards confidence to win the game. 

And then another goal at 41 minutes. Too bad for Italy, I started to think. And since my dad picked the Italian team, he was a bit disappointed at how the game turns out to be. Oh well, I did said that Spain  will win and it's hard to contain the glee seeing that I was right. The Spaniards sure have a blast last night celebrating their winning... ^__^   

I guess it's only fair to have an indulgent need to celebrate myself though what I have here has nothing to do with Spain at all. Dig in folks!

Jun 16, 2012

Hazy Day

Good morning, rise and shine everyone! Though we can barely see the sunshine this morning, it doesn't mean we can stay in bed all day. 

It's been in the news. We had a bad case of haze in Bangi. So folks, it's better to stay inside. Due to the hot weather, best to drink a lot of water and please refrain from being out in direct sunlight if you have no business to do so. Another thing, you might want to stock up on premix Lai Chi Kang. This drink contains ingredients that help cooling off high body temperature. Or if you have no access to it, barley drink will do the trick. 

Now, you'll probably have eaten your breakfast. If it not being the case, you might want to try this out. It will brighten your day somehow... ^_^

Jun 11, 2012

The Brownie Point

Morning folks!

I believe all soccer fans have caught the EURO 2012 fever by now. The kick-off started on 8 June 2012 with the first match between Poland and Greece (1-1). Being a true fan means that you're able to sacrifice your sleep (it's 12 a.m and 2.45 a.m in Malaysia during the live telecasts) just to watch your favorite team. Well, I've tried. And...failed. I only watched the early 15 minutes then drifted off to sleep until the end of the game. 

So forget about the tactical part of the game. And focus on the sideline for a moment shall we?

I just noticed that it's imperative to have munchies while watching these soccer games. The main reason I believe that it MUST be something to munch on is that the snacks will keep us awake during the not-so intriguing moments. There are so many munchies available : Chips. Chicken wings. Late night pizza. Pretzel bites. Salted nuts. Roasted nuts...  So what's your favorite? Or perhaps something more decadent like this?

May 29, 2012

Feel Good Song

Hi guys... This is going to be a super short post. I'm not in the mood to talk. But I get this song played over and over again in my head. So I guess I'd better share it just to get it off my head. Enjoy it folks! 

May 25, 2012

Lulling Wind

It's been raining on and off all morning. No wonder one might become sleepy again even though just woken up from sleep. Before the temptation to crawl back into bed overwhelm me, I better do some work first or else I'm going to end up like this one here! 

Do not disturb!

Okay, stay open my eyes... 

Let me finish up the birthday menu on my dad's birthday last week. It would not be complete without a birthday cake. But I haven't made one on that day though so I compensated it the day after. According to my sister, it was the moistest cake I've ever made. It should be or else I'm pressed to make another!

May 22, 2012

From Middle East with Love

Hi, it's me! ^_^

Finally I'm able to make an appearance on the site after M.I.A last week. You might think that I was lazying around the house *because of the disappearance act* but that's not it. Actually, last week was pretty hectic in the house. My sister was home for college break and also there was my dad's birthday on Monday. Naturally, we put together a little feast to celebrate. Ever since my dad had his first taste of Nasi Maqlubah or better known as Arab Rice, he specifically requested the dish to be made on special day such as this.

With a middle eastern dish on the menu, we had to do the prepping early on or else the rice could not be serve on time for lunch. It wasn't hard to cook the rice at all. You just need to the cooking ahead than usual for there are a few deep frying to do before mixing it all together.

May 8, 2012

I Love My Pockets!

Good morning! It's bright and sunny here, hopefully until the evening. The past few days were a bit cold and damp so this change of weather is very welcome! And this glorious day calls for a glorious breakfast. Are you up for it? ^_^

May 5, 2012

Popcorn Hour

What's your favorite sports-related movie?

I did a little bit of searching and ended up with a couple of movies that were really inspiring and seriously good. So lets watch one tonight okay. It's called Forever Strong, starred by Sean Faris as the leading actor.  The movie was about a reckless rugby player whose perspective on life changed drastically after joining a rival rugby team.

His inability to trust others, especially adults make things difficult for him. Not to mention the set of rules being imposed in this new team. It makes sense however since everything he knew about rugby was taught by his father; which weren't very good examples. His so-called friends also only one step closer to self-destruction. The turn of event that we called fate was actually doing good for him. Though he'll lose his former friends, he gains back respect for himself, from his family and his team.

May 3, 2012

Kitchen Invaders 5: Steam It

I begged my sister to make the cake. Really. It was so good by itself alone! Soft and moist, it tasted so much better the next day. I totally recommend it to chocolate lovers. The first time it was made, I haven't managed to get a decent picture. This time around, I forgot to photograph the whole cake! Guess you'll have to contain with the last slice... ^_^ 

May 2, 2012

Between Viking, Homeless Guy & Stalker

Hi, I'm back again today! Forgot about Wordless Wednesday, I just feel like talking right now. Let start with the weekend. While a big event happened somewhere in KL, I was swamped with books *sort of* courtesy of my sisters. They both went to the PWTC book fair and decided that I NEEDED a pile of new books to read! Thanks to them, I have a months supply of books. Not that was a bad thing mind you. 

Then on Monday morning, I got up-close and personal with scones. I would say, it was some record I've made. Five batches of scones to bake and packed. By the time it was done, I was covered with flour! But it was really satisfying, having made something that was requested over and over again because they really like it was worth the effort. Thanks for the request girls and of course to my dear sisters also for helping me!

Okay, so the last book I've reviewed here was Beautiful Dreamer by Elizabeth Lowell. It's not that I haven't read anything... Just that I'm couldn't put my thoughts together into a decent review. Lucky me, in between baking session I always found some time to kill and filled it with reading. Want to know what I'm reading lately?

Apr 22, 2012

Starting Point

Good morning! It's Sunday and I'm hype up for no apparent reason. Or...could it be because of what I ate for breakfast?!!

Apr 15, 2012

Same Different

Lets pretend that today is 11 April instead of 15th. 

First of all, you need to know that I'm not forgetting the date. Merely because I haven't bake anything special on THAT day and wish to redeem it by making SOMETHING yesterday. Yeah, a little too late but still...

Anyhow, for the first time ever I get out of my comfort zone and do a little labor of love. Which result in something so rich and moist! Though the layers weren't exactly picture perfect, it tasted AMAZING. Just so you know, this slice of heaven is not for the faint of heart. And please, DO NOT count the calories... ^___^

Apr 9, 2012

I've Done It, Finally

We can't always have sweets all the time. Bad for health. Bad for teeth. That was always drummed into me when I was little. Okay, I get it. We should change course every now and then, just to broaden our mind (in this case our taste?)!

But I seem to have a problem straying from bread. Really, it has a thing to do with bread again. Can't stay away from it. Only this time it won't be sweet. I promise.

Apr 7, 2012

Just Roll It

For those with obsession with breads and the likes, let us venture on a new quest of a sweet dough that could turn into numerous other sweet, or not so-sweet things! 

Mar 31, 2012

Rainy Day Project

When the weather gets cold and grey, what's best is to stay at home and bake cookies! Nothing so fancy... The baking project is to while away the time, so don't make yourselves sweat over it. The cookies will be simple enough to do and surely delicious for snacking around. Now let get started! 

Mar 25, 2012

Take Two If You Wish

We can't resist another sweet breakfast today...

So I made another batch of donuts, which previously featured on last Wednesday's post. Yeah, that last one was not shaped like the traditional donuts we've known. Which means, no bite-sized donuts' holes as well. Rest assured, the taste was incredible! Soft and chewy, with crisp skin (freshly rolled in icing sugar)... No wonder we all fell in love with it... *sigh* ^_^ 

Mar 21, 2012

Mar 20, 2012

Get Your Vitamin Here!

What do you do with two ripe pineapples? 

Let me give you a couple of ideas. If you have some time to spare, made some homemade pineapple jam. Or if you're pressing for time and don't want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, make this easy and refreshing drink!

Mar 4, 2012

For The Boy

It's that time of the year again. Happy birthday lil bro!

Feb 21, 2012

5 Rencah 5 Rasa : Will The Bunny Approve?

Both my dad and brother can't stand any vegetable in a cake. Particularly carrot. Thus the abhorring look on their face when I said I was going to make a carrot cake was priceless! ^__^

The cake was practically easy to make, even if you don't have an electric mixer you can always do it by hand. And the cake itself was purely simple in taste that just perfect if you're having tea with a company or two. 

It was moist with fine crumbs though a little greasy for my liking. Just sweet enough without making you cringe of it's sweetness. If you like a traditional and uncomplicated taste of a cake, you could try this one.

Feb 7, 2012

No Holding Back!

We are going ice cream crazy in the house! They said that THIS is the best ever. Better than the others I've made. I've got to agree. It was far creamier and smoother in texture. And thanks to the 'secret ingredient', we might as well have a new FAVORITE! 

Ice cream anyone? ^_^

Feb 5, 2012

The Best Example

Something that can inspire us all... 

Source: YouTube

Feb 3, 2012

Never Enough : Dessert Confession

I was never a fan. Before.

I've already established that my love is solely for chocolate. Given that I ate this cake only once in a while, I can't say that this is the ultimate tiramisu. Though me and my sisters thought the taste's almost quite the same as the one that we've had from a local bakery... ;)  

And guess what, making such a delectable dessert on your own does has it's own merit. Surely from now on, the delicate dessert is going to be one of my favorites! 

Feb 1, 2012

Full of Starch

Following the previous post, I've mentioned the superb crusty dinner rolls that we've had on the AJL 26 night. Warm from the oven, the crispy crust and and chewy inside made perfect for soaking up broth or soup *goes so well with potato soup!*. I even dip the rolls alone in tomato sauce! Wickedly good!! ^__^

The dough doesn't need to be knead. Can't believe that right? Me too. I was a bit skeptical with this no-knead bread thing. But the oh-so-good picture from this foodie blog encouraged me. Since the only step was mixing all the ingredients then leave it to rise, why not give it a try? This bread is FOOL-PROOF! You won't be disappointed. ;)

Jan 31, 2012

AJL 26 : You've Got to Be Kidding Me

I'm back!!!

Yes, and I am sorry for being absent from my own blog. I wasn't going anywhere. Still at the same place. But every time I tried to write something my head went numb and just like that, I click the close button. Feeling a little motivated today, I'd like to congratulate all the winners of Anugerah Juara Lagu 26 (AJL 26) which took place last Sunday night.

To fully enjoy the night, I prepared early for dinner. We had crusty Italian herbs rolls with creamy potato soup and tiramisu for dessert. The bread dough was prepared a day in advance and it was the easiest dough ever! And the tiramisu was made that Sunday morning. 

Jan 21, 2012

Kitchen Invaders 4: It's In The Layers

Given the enthusiasm of my sisters to take over the kitchen *not that I can keep them out of it*, so I just give them the freedom to explore as they want. This time, a trifle! 

Sweet and cool layered dessert of jelly, custard and soft cake; it was so good when you need something to cool off in the middle of a hot day... Have a sweet weekend! ^_^

Jan 15, 2012

Cookie Disaster: Part 2

There are some things that not all people can do. Some people are gifted with certain talents. While others are not-so-gifted. Like me. I just found out that detail works which requires extra attention and time are really not my forte. I was lousy at detailing. O_o

Remember the first icing cookies I made? Seriously, I envied those who can make the beautiful icing-decorated cookies. They all make it look so easy! I tried to be patient. Yeah, it lasted for at least ten cookies. Then I just, what-the-heck-it-just-cookies and let go of my control. Hence the terrible handiwork... 

Jan 9, 2012

The First to Celebrate

I was looking for a reason to bake some cupcakes last week. And just nicely, last Friday was one of my sisters' birthday. Too bad that her college break was only until 4th January. But she still gets her birthday cupcakes even though it was two days early. *I doubted that the cupcakes could last until the actual birthday!* ^_^

The cupcakes were family favorite. Just a simple chocolate cake. It was moist and delicious on its own. And even more so when filled with chocolate ganache. I wanted the cupcakes to be a bit festive for the occasion, though butter cream was totally out of question since she'll be carrying those all the way to college by train. The safest choice I managed was the ganache. Even that was not visible. Hopefully it gave a pleasant surprise to whomever she shared the cupcakes with. 

With the ganache filling, the cupcakes tasted like chocolate fudge cake. It got really rich after left overnight in the fridge... Just the thought of it already makes my mouth water!

The day was hotter than usual when I decided that a scoop of ice cream to go along with the cupcake was like a match made-in-heaven. It truly was, except for the ice cream melting too much quickly due to the hot weather. Not that it was unpleasant. The melted ice cream tasted like cold strawberry milk! Chocolate fudge cake plus cold strawberry milk equals to bliss... And constant craving of both after that!

Jan 2, 2012

I Wanna Go Home

The school will starting tomorrow. *You heard that right kids. School's break is OFFICIALLY OVER!!!* For some, they might have already started early on for the orientation day. 

Looking back at my first day in school (in standard one) and that was like a long time ago, most of the parents will stayed with their kids until the school day's over. Pretty much understandable. A new environment surely going to be alien for their child. More so if the kid haven't been to preschool. When the parents are with them, the adjustment could be more easier. 

Perhaps, it wasn't the parents easing the new kid into school. It could be the older siblings. Older brother or sister. Having an older sibling in the same school also helps the kid into liking the prospect of being in school. But not all kids can easily adjusting to a new surrounding. Some need a little more time. Either the parents or the teacher will have to be patient in coaxing the child to like being in school. Having new friends will also help. 

What if nothing works? The kid still clings to the parents, begging to go back home with them? In that case, make a batch of this dessert. I can't guarantee that it will keep the kid at school, but I like to think that a homemade ice cream ready for me after school is far better than anything! 

Jan 1, 2012

One One Twenty Twelve

Good morning folks!

It's 1.1.2012!!!

A brand new day, in a brand new year.

Have you got what you wished for the last year? Done ticking things off your TO-DO-LIST?

I bet you did...

Let us all hope for the best this year!

In everything that we do.

Enjoy this feel good clip and happy holiday!!! ^_^

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