Mar 31, 2012

Rainy Day Project

When the weather gets cold and grey, what's best is to stay at home and bake cookies! Nothing so fancy... The baking project is to while away the time, so don't make yourselves sweat over it. The cookies will be simple enough to do and surely delicious for snacking around. Now let get started! 

Mar 25, 2012

Take Two If You Wish

We can't resist another sweet breakfast today...

So I made another batch of donuts, which previously featured on last Wednesday's post. Yeah, that last one was not shaped like the traditional donuts we've known. Which means, no bite-sized donuts' holes as well. Rest assured, the taste was incredible! Soft and chewy, with crisp skin (freshly rolled in icing sugar)... No wonder we all fell in love with it... *sigh* ^_^ 

Mar 21, 2012

Mar 20, 2012

Get Your Vitamin Here!

What do you do with two ripe pineapples? 

Let me give you a couple of ideas. If you have some time to spare, made some homemade pineapple jam. Or if you're pressing for time and don't want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, make this easy and refreshing drink!

Mar 4, 2012

For The Boy

It's that time of the year again. Happy birthday lil bro!

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