May 28, 2010

sweet indulgence

looks like i've been hit by a muffin bug this week. i kept on posting about muffins. it's okay i guess since muffin is like a best friend. it can be sweet; it can be savory. sometimes a bit tart; another time will be spicy. take your pick. the possibilities are endless. i bet you feel the same way. 

so for yesterday tea time, i made strawberry yogurt muffins with raisins. 
the verdict (and i'd like to quote Simon's favorite three words in AI) :
it. was. outstanding. 

moist, not too crumbly, perfect pair with unsweetened tea...just how a muffin should be.

May 26, 2010

an apple a day

Mocha muffin with apple, originally uploaded by daisy world.

there's only one apple left in my fridge. one. not to mention a small one.
there goes what i had in mind when i hid them and hoping no one will saw the sweet apples...yeah rite..

still standing with the fridge door open (yeap, i know. energy wasting. but i was hot at that time), i'm thinking. with only one small apple left, theres not much you can do. but, i can make do if not relying on it alone.

there you go, i wheezed some mocha muffin batter and sprinkle diced apple on them. you can't really taste the apple. but the contrast is nice for the picture. hehe..

May 14, 2010

something sweet

i was out shopping for groceries with my little brother and sister the other day.

as we go through the list, we walked by the baking section and i picked up a few packets of yeast. then my brother said; "ha, angah. why don't you make donuts later...we've got yeast already..." and gave me that cheeky smile of his. i was thinking, why not. we haven't had donuts for a long time. 

but of course, i changed my mind and made something else. i tend to do that every once in a, today i granted his wish. all you can eat donuts!! i make a few choices of toppings; original powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar and my new favorite, chocolate sugar. 

i tell you, it's to die for!! and paired these sweet things with chrysanthemum tea; heaven...'sigh'

May 12, 2010

long vocation

no. i'm not on vocation. just taking a break from this for a while. honestly, i don't know what i'm going to post. so i'll just ramble a bit here..

i did a lot of baking lately. or more like, i did a lot of bread baking. it's like an itch. i need to bake or i'm becoming restless. good thing is, my family's not complaining. i hate to see the food i made going to waste. 

and i'm totally grateful that my effort is appreciated. ^_^

1.Chocolate rolls 2.Pizza sauce glazed buns 3.Pastry cream & chocolate danish bread 
4.Choco-banana quick bread 5.Herbs & garlic rolls

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