May 28, 2010

sweet indulgence

looks like i've been hit by a muffin bug this week. i kept on posting about muffins. it's okay i guess since muffin is like a best friend. it can be sweet; it can be savory. sometimes a bit tart; another time will be spicy. take your pick. the possibilities are endless. i bet you feel the same way. 

so for yesterday tea time, i made strawberry yogurt muffins with raisins. 
the verdict (and i'd like to quote Simon's favorite three words in AI) :
it. was. outstanding. 

moist, not too crumbly, perfect pair with unsweetened tea...just how a muffin should be.


  1. it's a sin u noe for making little girl here hungry!!!!

  2. hehehe...temptation is good sumtimes...


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