Jun 2, 2010

cookie disaster

this is my first attempt in making decorative cookies. i might say that it won't do really well. first, the cookies not all that perfect. some are slightly burnt. 

i need to adjust the time every now and then. for the frosting part...here goes. it was a bit too runny, you can see that some are quite transparent. my mistake for adding too much milk. duh...and to make it worst, i use liquid food coloring while the icing not even set yet. 

how dumb is that, yeah...i know. nevertheless, i'll keep on trying perfecting my skill on this. mark my word.


  1. typical u...making EVERYTHING when im not home...hate this!

  2. hahaha...perhaps u don't inspire me much to make something when u're home...^_^ be NICER to me. maybe it'll help.

  3. chaiyok F!!! hehehe

  4. saye akan berusaha!!! =P thnx han


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