Sep 17, 2010

sunshine...reminds me

i'm a morning person. usually. 

i rarely wake up late. it's not that i never did, just the probability i woke up late is too low. @_@ sorry if you suddenly feel queasy...ehem...

i love to have morning sun on my face, feeling the subtle heat of it. full of energy which can recharge me instantly. sounds crappy?? ^_^  just bear with me. 

there's a lot of things remind me of my beautiful sunshine. like the sunflower for instance. even looking at the picture of it can lift up my mood. no kidding here. 
then, there's orange juice and... scrambled eggs! yummy breakfast...i know...

and one more thing.
yellow cake. period.
just a simple yellow cake with a light touch of creamy chocolate frosting. 
*dreamy* i'm done... =^ v ^=

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