Aug 14, 2011

Shopping In Me

I guess it's rude to put food on display this early in the morning. And it was merely two hours after sahur. So, no. Food is not the topic. If it was any other day, we'll be going for a jog right now. Since we are fasting, the exercise are put on hold. It's not that we can't be exercising during this fasting month. Just that the need to replenish ourselves afterward that seems to be a problem. ^__^ 

We have at least another half month to go through our fasting before celebrating Eid Al-Fitr. It was evident everywhere that shops, boutiques and shopping complexes are having put up their banners *SALE 50 - 70 %* to attract customers. I don't know why, but I felt that my interest isn't pique by whats on display *too much ugliness if you ask me*. 

There was a day that I went out to shop and going through every store they've got. Not to mention that I have wasted a few precious-hours of my life, I also end up buying nothing. And what frustrated me more was I've got a raging head-ache like someone was constantly pounding on it. 

To tell the truth, I like shopping. *Who doesn't?!* But if you asked my sisters or my friends, I'm sure they'll dread going shopping with me. It's a fact, really. Because I have my limit. I can only stand this shopping session for two hours max. More than that, they'll have to drag me around or shove me somewhere safe to wait while they resume this-so called-girly-activities.

Having said that, the safest way for me to go shopping was anywhere near my house. Where the shopping could take only an hour and the travelling merely took fifteen minutes from home... That way, I still get to shop while having my head securely on my neck... -_-*  


  1. sekarang ramai cerita pasal shopping ni..

  2. ;)selagi tak melampau dr yg kita mampu tak salah kan...


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