Aug 10, 2011

All About Desserts

For today, it will be only about desserts. It's common to see various type of desserts being sold at bazaar Ramadhan during this fasting month. We used to buy these sweet treats before whenever our dad brought us to the bazaar. Now that we're all grown up, the temptation to taste each and every colorful dessert that we saw along the way is still there but somehow curbed.

Nonetheless, it doesn't stop us from having the crave once in a while. Seriously, who could restraint themselves from a cool chocolate pudding? Looking so soft and jiggly... Imagine yourself dipping a spoon into the soft pudding. So soft the texture it was instantly melted and flooded your taste buds with a deep chocolate flavor... Surely will makes your mouth water! ^_^

Anyhow, both my sisters are being so helpful nowadays that they volunteered to prepare desserts for breaking fast. So what we have here are Homemade Chocolate Puddings that was very good from this scrumptiously looking website, Bakers Royale. The ingredients are pretty much on hands already. Plus the steps are so easy to follow. Head over here for the recipe.

Another one is Custard Pudding with Fruit Cocktail which was from My Resipi. It was unbelievably easy to make you can even customize it to your preferences. The possibilities are endless! For the record, my sister made a little adjustment for the fruit cocktail. She only mixed one tin of evaporated milk with a tin of mixed cocktail fruits (drained). Since the fruits already sweetened enough, we feel no need to add more sugar into it. 

Bon appétit! ^_^


  1. Makan x perlu byk2, nanti x larat tarawih..he3.. Sy berbuka dengan kuih je.. Lepas tarawih baru mkn nasi.. :)

  2. ^_^ btul tu bro. Klau perut berat, mata pon ikut berat jugak. Makan kuih senang sikit nk hadam kot... :P Tak la ngantuk nk tarawih.


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