Aug 31, 2011

Rendang Calls

Salam Eid Al-Fitr to all Muslims!!! ^_^

To begin with, I'm sorry for not updating much during the fasting month. No, I was not swamped with works or anything. It's just that I felt like I was instantly turned into 'vacation-mode'. So the mood for blogging kind of like turned off. 

I'm tempted to detail out our journey for raya. But to tell the truth, we (me and my dear sisters) were up so late cooking rendang on raya night that we all passed out after Zuhur. I guess there wasn't much to tell. And if it wasn't for the call from our Pak Teh from kampung, I'm sure we'll slept through until evening. And wasted our first raya sleeping! Thank God for the call... 

Actually, it was customary for our family going back to our village on the first day of raya. The journey wasn't long. It took only thirty to forty-five minutes depending on the traffic. Thus right after the call, our dad rushed us to get ready. Needless to say, I was glad that we didn't continued on sleeping. Our Mak Teh's rendang was fabulous! Combined with ketupat and lemang, the usual delicacies serve during raya, it was totally out of this world. 

We ate so many servings that I lose count of how many. Catching up with the latest gossips of our cousins between stuffing myself with the foods makes my day. But seeing our Pak Su's daughters all growing up taller than I am was a little depressing! Urgh... I'm well aware that I inherit our granny's gene in size, but when in group of these pretty and tall girls left me out feeling like a dwarf. Tsk, tsk... T_T

Put that aside, we left Pak Teh's house well after 'Asar and after filling our stomach as much as we can... ;) And as usual, my head started pounding when we arrived at home. Oh well, that was to be expected. Too much lemang and rendang can do that to you. Or maybe that was just me! o_o

Too bad that in haste to get ready for the journey, I forgot to bring along my camera. I hope the mention of foods in the story without pictures for clarification does not annoy you. For those who hasn't the slightest idea of the delicacies mentioned, kindly please google it over the net. ^_^ Thanks for stopping by, we'll meet again soon!

Happy raya everyone!!! 

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