Aug 8, 2011

Ain't She Sweet?

What you give, you get back - Anonymous

Ain't She Sweet?Human nature dictates that there's always a good and a bad sides in a person. Sometimes, it's hard to differentiate between a good and a bad one. Because not everyone we've known are wearing their true colors. So that's where our instincts are needed. We could feel who's sincerely being nice to us and who's sugarcoating their words to hide their bad intentions to us *although we could always have a mixed feeling about this every time*. 

But don't worry too much about that okay. Actually, I've read a book that makes me thinking about that. I love the way the story goes. The way it's story line enfolded was brilliant. The scenarios linking the pasts and presents. You also get to see a nice bantering between the female and male lead characters. Their conversations were full of sarcasm and I've got to admit that it was hilarious sometimes. 

For a little synopsis, Ain't She Sweet by Susan Elizabeth Phillips was about Sugar Beth who's back in her hometown after left it more than a decade after her graduation. When she left, it wasn't just the town. But everything that comes with it. A mistake she made while in college left her without friends and also disowned by her father. She went from a princess to a pauper in an instance. Not to mention that her life going downhill onward. 

I thought she deserves that after what she'd done in high school. But then again, when she was treated almost as badly and a little more, I had a change of heart. We could be bad but not cruel. It's sad to lost everything and having no one to turn to. But to act like a bully after being bullied was downright pathetic. *Don't her ex-girlfriends have better things to do rather than pick on her? Gosh!* And here comes the best part, her ex-teacher was the mastermind on this rather cruel game. 

Being a repentant bully makes her accept her fate head-on. Although the treatment she gets almost killing her spirit, she pretends that what they've done to her didn't matter. As long as she gets what she's looking for *the reason why she's back*, she could be out of town and hopefully never to return again. But of course, fate has something else for her... ^_^

From the first page through the last one, I was hooked. Shedding tears here and there, it was a happy story. I always went for a happy one. Like they said, there's always sunshine after the rain... I've got to say that this book really left a big impression on me. *Perhaps I should check others by this author.* 

Happy reading!  ;)

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