Apr 18, 2014

All Roll Into One

Salam and good morning..

It seems that I keep forgetting that this place here existed. Shame on me. For a long while updates were slow and almost non-existent, but that doesn't mean the place is dead. I will put a refresher once in a while, when I have the whim that is..

Speaking of which, we had a wonderful time devouring this piece of cake. I made it for an anniversary/birthdays celebration. A wedding anniversary plus three birthdays all combined into one. It was well worth the effort. It was difficult to stop demolishing the whole cake in one sitting. The cake was THAT good. 

I think it fits to call the cake; THE celebration cake.

Jan 21, 2014

First in 2014 : A Belated Birthday Cake

Specially for my sister.

Her birthday was on the second week of 2014, but we had to held off the cake until few days later when my sister got home from college. She likes soft fluffy cake and I like to make something other than chocolate as focal point so I settled on this. 

Nov 5, 2013

Oct 24, 2013

A Need to Celebrate : Choconana Cake

Alright. I hope this gets to you my friends. Though I've been away too long, I pray that someone still remember that this little page exists. And to those visited even once in awhile, thank you so much! Taking a little time away from something constant could do you some good. It will refresh you somehow.

To commemorate that I am back online, how about we celebrate it with some cakes?

I made this delicate chocolate cake in early October when I craved some chocolate cake but wanted to veer from my go-to recipe of moist chocolate cake. This time, I'm gonna do a soft, fluffy cake. Something light in texture.

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