In My Pocket

Hi! Thanks for stopping by ^_^

This will be the place where I'll pour everything which not necessarily concerns me.

I have thrown in some insights on my adventure *and misadventure*, in life generally and also some bits and pieces of what I've got baking in the oven.

I'm a reclusive kind of person. I rarely go out of my place and totally hate crowded places. But up here, I can breathe easy. I don't talk much about me, but love other people stories. 

Recipes posted here some are tried and true, some are experimentation. Feel free to try them, and I hope you'll like it. 

Why don't you grab a coffee and hang around awhile... :) While you're at it, might as well enjoy one of my favorite songs from Ron Pope : You're the Reason I Come Home. 

                                                                               All credits goes to Ron Pope.

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