Mar 29, 2011

No Point

I am so freaking tired right now and on the verge of collapsing at any moment. Just to let you know, I was submerged in cookies...

Crunch crunch crunch

Mar 28, 2011

Asian Style Beef Stew

Our lunch today was absolute-finger-licking-goodness. I wanted to try a Chinese recipe for a change and came up with this dish that uses beef and daikon as the main ingredients. As there aren't any daikon in my fridge, I took the liberty to use sweet potato instead.

The result was so damn good! Everyone loved it. The beef was sweet and so tender, I'm practically drooling now just thinking about it. It needs only simple flavoring but the result was spectacular! I am not kidding. O_o

You may think I'm just exaggerating things. Well, give it a try. Then you tell me... It was easy to prepare, you'll just leave them to cook *but don't forget to check on it!* As I promised, here is the the recipe of the dish I mentioned in "Something Is Boiling".

Something Is Boiling

Hello...I know I've been absence from blogging these few days. I was a wee bit occupied when my sister came back for the weekend. But that's not all...

Mar 25, 2011

Jeweled Tea Cakes

I love the weather today. It's been sunny all day. And with the evening breeze whispering softly, I was inspired to  bake something softer too. Two days ago I posted a muffin recipe that's perfect for breakfast or just for snacking. 

And today, using the same recipe plus a few tweaks, I serve this lovely jewels to you...

Mar 23, 2011

Chocolate Chips Breakfast Muffins

To start a day on a sweet note is everyone's wish.Well...with this uber breakfast muffins, worry no-more! Even in a busy morning you could pull this off with ease. Trust me. This is sooo worth it. 

Not that it takes the whole morning to prepare, it was so quick you just have to wait for it to bake before you can start sinking your teeth in them...

Mar 21, 2011

Baking Bread : Sing While You're At It

I just stumbled upon this one cute video on how to bake bread. And I just have to post it here! The song was cute. The video was even cuter! ^_^

Oh, I so love men who can bake... :-P Enjoy!

Discovered this through youtube ;)

My My...Cheesy Caramelized Onion Rolls

Another craving was appeased with this savory rolls. Carb, cheeses and sweet caramelized onions go perfect together! The rolls are perfect on its own, better toasted on the next day and amazing as a sandwich. Be prepared to have your house smells like a bakery afterwards...Hit the link! ^_^

Mar 20, 2011

Not My Wedding & Durian

Today has been filled with catching up with my besties. It's been awhile since the last time we three had spent our time together. Usually it was A who came over my place. I miss so much our get together... 

Mar 18, 2011

Food, Love and Movies

Have you ever wondering if you are a food lover? What is a food lover anyway? 

Correct me if I'm wrong. From my point of understanding, food lover is a person who loves food too much, whose passionate about food in general and whose enthusiast about taste, smell and texture of food. Being someone who is so keen on food can be a blessing or a curse. Now that's open for discussion too...

Mar 16, 2011

Fulfilling A Request : Fruity Scones

I've got a request early yesterday morning. Through a phone call. You might have guess whose on the line, but I tell you anyway. It was from my sister *who else?!*, no doubt. Quoting her from our conversation: "Angah, I want scones. Not the chocolate chip one, but the one with fruits. And make them small and many. Please..." 

Mar 15, 2011

Baking Project : Baked by Daisy

Nine hundred and eighty. That's the number of cookies I made last weekend. And that's what kept me so busy and excited. It started when my friend asked me if I want to join a bake sale. I have never join anything like this, so I said why not. I never knew the works were so consuming, I felt like back in college doing design! 

Mar 14, 2011

School Break!!! Err, I Mean...For Them

If I had known how easy to make this so called English muffins, I would have done it hundreds of times. All you've got to do is mix everything together and then, walla! Fresh, aromatic and absolutely delicious muffins on your breakfast table in no time at all...*well, if you don't count the rising time... ^_^*

Go dig it!!

Mar 13, 2011

I'm Back! Sort of...

Looks like there's a cobweb on the blog. Yeah, sorry for that. I was so busy these past few days days doing a baking project that I neglected the blog somehow. Sorry Little Daisy's World...I do miss you okay. And right now I am so damn tired, I want to sleep until night time! Just to let you know that I'm still around... ^_^ Gonna post more detail on the project later. But for now, I'm gonna hit the bed. Zzzz

Mar 10, 2011

Breakfast at Ease

Malaysia won by aggregate to the next round of Pre-Olympic Tournament. The result for yesterdays match which was held in Lahore, Pakistan was 0-0. Luckily for Malaysia to have gained 2 points already during the first match. The scheduled match that was supposed to aired live last night was canceled due to technical reason. 

Well now, almost 9.30 a.m here and I just had my breakfast. Two rolls with a cup of latte. My usual pick in the morning. Simple yet fulfilling. With the birds tweeting somewhere, this calm and peaceful morning is rare. Usually by now, you can hear kids screaming on top of their lung playing in front of the house. They might have sleep in today. I'm grateful for that. ^_^ 

Oh, actually I want to talk about that breakfast rolls. Sweet rolls that were shaped into horns *if you can tell*, were so soft and fluffy. When eating, I like to peel the layers and ate them one by one. It's such an experience! I like them dipped in my drinks too. Equally enjoyable... ;) 

Mar 9, 2011

Why I Love My Camera

Always, we move too fast. 
Sometimes, we forget to look around. 
Though these tiny buds, might tempt you to stay awhile.

Mar 8, 2011

5 Rencah 5 Rasa : Comfort Me

Who doesn't love a simple comfort food? That when you sink your teeth in it, you'll be instantly lifted up by the flavors, so direct and uncomplicated. And what is more potent than a combination of potatoes, cheese and onion? You tell me. ;)

Blank Page

Good. Morning. 
I. Have. A. Writer's Block.
Hopefully. Not. Contagious.
I. Will. Let. My. Pet. Entertain. You.
So. Long. For. Now.
Need. To. Rest.

Mar 5, 2011

Birthday Boy : A Macaron Story

Yesterday was my younger brother's birthday, and I've told myself to make something out of the league *at least out of MY league*. It was not another cake or another cupcakes like I made last year which turned out so great with his friends. And of course not another chocolate chip cookies. Remember I told you I'll challenge myself to make something more elaborate in the effort department? Well, this one sure exerts every ounce of my concentration and patience!

Mar 4, 2011

One and Growing

Do you know that Little Daisy's World  is one year old yesterday? ^_^ I've started the blog exactly one year before just to have some fun. The very first post I made was to announce that I'M HERE! Hehehe... I know, a little childish. But that was just me.

I wasn't much on posting entries back then. Thus the posts usually more on photographs and some descriptions. Nonetheless, I'm proud of what I've achieved so far with the blog. And for those supporting me this far, *yeap, it's only one year but so much has happened* I love you guys so damn much!  *hugs* :-D

Supposedly I made something to commemorate the day but we just have to pass that on. I wish to make a cake or maybe cupcakes*yes, i knew that. I have a sweet tooth!* But then again, there's still some of the  big chocolate cake that my younger sister made left in the fridge *all gone now, my dad having the last piece!*. At last, we finished it off!!! *Relief*

Come dinner time, we were not so hungry and that means no rice for that night. That's when I remember one recipe of linguine with eggplant as the sauce. Very creamy and flavorful I thought once I went through the recipe. 

Being fond of eggplants or aubergine or what-other-names it may called, I MUST try it! So that was our dinner for the night. Creamy spiral pasta in eggplant sauce. If you're incline to try the recipe too, here's the link to it.

Mar 2, 2011

From Paper to Frying Pan

Do any of you like book scraping? Collecting all sorts of thing you like, then arranging them by categories and so on. I used to do it too when I was still in school. It gives me a good feeling seeing a compilation of my favorite things in an order. Things I've collected varies. At one time, I'm all about boy bands and their lyrics. Then, I grew on the sports person, particularly tennis. Well, at that time I'm so crazy with Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi and Martina Hingis. Hehehe... Ahh...memories...

Mar 1, 2011

Dessert For Breakfast?! Yes, Please...

Do you think it's bad to have dessert for breakfast? More specifically, do you think having chocolate cake for breakfast is bad? Hohoho...I bet you said no! It IS BAD if you have dessert for breakfast everyday... But I guess we can have a bit of leeway once in a blue moon... ^_^ *Yes, I know I'm justifying it to suit my purpose. Who cares??! :-p*

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