Jul 28, 2011


Tonight's second leg match between Malaysia and Singapore will be held at the National Stadium Bukit Jalil at 8.45 pm. Tickets were sold out so we'll expect a very large crowd at the stadium. No matter where we are make sure we all Malaysian gather up to support our team, Harimau Malaya. Although last week's game in Singapore leaves a sour taste in our mouth, there is still hope for our team. Don't give up on our hope yet.

To Harimau Malaya players, do your best to out-do the visitors. Please, please and please do not make the same mistakes as before. We give our support wholeheartedly. In return, we expect you guys to make us proud... 

Good luck Harimau Malaya!!!


  1. xsuka model gmba diatas...hehe
    rase nk blik umh je ni...xde geng nk tgk!!!mcm aper je dh ni...aahhhhhh tensionnyer!!!

  2. LOL...that model was paid okay. no such thing as free modelling! ^__^

  3. Malaysia Baleh.... (ala-ala intonasi the rock)

  4. Urgh!!!! I can't believe it. Almost within our grasp, and then we lose it again.... T__T so sad...


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