Jul 20, 2011

Night Owl's Project

Yesterday, I got a little motivated to make my own red bean paste. It was not a hard task. Just a little bit time consuming... I ended up having one container filled to the brim with this paste. Not a bad thing though! I've already imagine things that will complement this slightly sweet paste. Yummy!

So what can we do with the red bean paste? To start with, we can make some red bean pau *in Malay* or bao *in Chinese*. Always a favorite in the house. Or you can use the red bean paste as a filling for sweet buns or rolls. If you are more adventurous, try making cupcakes or Swiss roll with red bean paste as it's filling. I've heard that green tea flavor will complement the taste. *Haven't try that one yet, but I'm sure putting it on my list!*

Let's get down to the recipe, shall we? Here's what you'll need:

Red Bean Paste

Adapted from Just Hungry

  • 2 cups dried red bean 
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 tsp salt
  • Water to cover
  1. Wash beans a few times and soaked in enough water to cover or slightly more. Cover with a lid and let soaked  overnight
  2. Wash and rinse the soaked beans. Place in a medium pot and cover with water. Over high heat, let it comes to boil. Remove from heat and rinse. Repeat this step again. *Reason in doing so is to remove as much dirt from the beans and to get a cleaner taste*
  3. After twice boiled and rinsed, put back in the pot along with sugar and salt. Cover with water until reaching at least an inch above the beans
  4. Return to stove, cook on high heat until boiling. Lower the heat and let simmer until most of the water has reduced and the beans are tender and moist. Turn off the heat, and mash the beans with fork or potato masher till resemble a paste consistency. *I like chunky filling so I didn't thoroughly mashed the beans*
  5. Use immediately or keep in the fridge before using, not more than 5 days. ^_^ 

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