Jul 5, 2011

What's Up Doc?

Good Morning!!!

One thing that I love waking up to every morning is the sound of birds already up and chirping, getting busy to feed . Kind of like telling me that everything's still in order; at their own place. It's not really ideal to be so optimistic upon today's world. What with all the chaos that happened all over the world. But sometimes, we need some reassurance that we still live and well; ready to perform our duty on earth. 

Having said that, I haven't the heart to write up things these past few days. Not that I've lacking the inspiration mind you. I just didn't know how to put them into words. *Yeah right...*

Nonetheless, last week has been brilliant with some great happenings. I know it's kinda late to congratulate Malaysia Team for going into the second round of 2014 World Cup qualifier. But still, congrats guys!!! The players were great during the game in Taiwan after winning 2-1 in Kuala Lumpur on 29 June 2011. We could feel their determination during the game on last July 3, 2011. Held in a stadium with a sea of Taiwanese supporters, could be very daunting!

The players held on pretty well, though no fans of soccer could forget the amazing free-kick by Aidil Zafuan on the seventh minutes of the game. Player no.7 and minutes 7th. What a coincidence! ^_^ 

Here's recap of that stunning goal :

Even though we lost with 3-2 against Taiwan, by aggregate 4-4 we can anticipate the next match against Singapore on this 23 July 2011 that will be held in Singapore. Don't forget to pick up your pom-poms to cheer for the lads girls! 

Off with the ball game, my little brother starts his orientation in the new college today. He's been up and about so early it's kind of funny since he's the hardest one to wake every morning! Could tell that he's nervous! Hehehe...Good luck with the orientation kiddo! ;) 

And not to forget, hundreds of cookies were baked in favors of a friend which awaiting to be packed. Lots of trials and experiments *and cookie munching too!* I'm pretty sure we've consumed butter a lot last week than we had in months! As for that, a strict jogging regiment is in order. Pronto!  

Well, thanks for stopping by folks! Meet again soon... ^_^


  1. malaysia performance become more consistent now..very impress to safiq rahim..

  2. @ faiz : yeah, safiq rahim too! forgot mentioning him. :P both were great!! too bad he didn't score any goal last super league game... O_O

    @ suhami ahmad : go go go! Malaysia boleh!!! :)

  3. macamnilah penyokong malaysia nak.. SIkit2 xpe, lama2 naik juga..


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