Jul 22, 2011

This Is Not Happy Feet

Mr. Popper's Penguins Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young ReadersWhat will you do if you were sent a penguin all the way from Antarctic? 

That's what you'll have to figure out in this Jim Carrey's new movie based on a children book, Mr. Popper's Penguins written by Richard and Florence Atwater! I am so hoping that the movie can live up to the book. 

Have you ever imagine what a penguin can do to your life? We are talking about routinely-normal kind of life. With a penguin around, there's absolutely no-normalcy afterwards! 

Every once in awhile, we could pray for something like this happening to us. Though it's very rare to have someone shipped over an animal as a surprise... *and is that even legal?! Huhu...^_^* I don't mind though having a penguin around. They're cute birds and I love Pingu too! 

Back to Mr. Popper's, he was having a blast with the penguin since he's so into everything from the icy region.  And to have a penguin as a pet was like being there already *without the ice though it can easily remedied... ;)* 

So let's enjoy the trailer of an average hardworking man whose life going to be turn upside-down by a penguin! ^__^


  1. Hye,
    I crossed over your blog, and love it! U inspired me a LOT. maybe u cud put up baking recipes coz i'm so into baking, i just don't know how and where to start hihi

  2. Hi shael!

    Thanks for visiting over :)
    Actually I've already have some recipes put up. Still working on it though. Check out the recipes under labels->recipe on the right column. Have fun baking, and cooking too! ^_^

  3. Too bad the show no longer aired. That little penguin antics was so cute! :)


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