Mar 25, 2011

Jeweled Tea Cakes

I love the weather today. It's been sunny all day. And with the evening breeze whispering softly, I was inspired to  bake something softer too. Two days ago I posted a muffin recipe that's perfect for breakfast or just for snacking. 

And today, using the same recipe plus a few tweaks, I serve this lovely jewels to you...

Jeweled Tea Cakes
Makes 24 mini sized & 4 regular muffins sized

You'll gonna need this muffin's recipe as a guidance. Then, a few tweaking on the recipe:
  1. Add 1 tsp baking powder to the flour mixture
  2. Substitute low-fat milk for the coconut milk
  3. Use 1/2 cup mix of chopped dried cranberries and raisins or any dried fruits of your choice instead of 1 cup chocolate chips
  4. Sprinkled toasted chopped peanuts on top before baking
  5. Bake the mini sized cakes for 10 minutes and the regular sizes for 12 minutes, at 180 C
  6. Serves with tea, unsweetened is the best!

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