Mar 28, 2011

Something Is Boiling

Hello...I know I've been absence from blogging these few days. I was a wee bit occupied when my sister came back for the weekend. But that's not all...

Actually, there're tonnes of things on my mind nowadays that I don't think appropriate for me to write it up all of it here. So, I just need some time to shut them off. And now, I'm here again. As I'm typing this, there's something has been boiling on the stove for almost an hour now.

It need another hour and half to get done. But just to tell truth, I don't think I can wait that long anymore. My tummy has been growling just by the smell of it. Yeap, it's THAT delicious! Don't worry, I'll be posting the recipe afterwards. For now, just imagine this: Could you resist this combinations? 

Beef, ginger, garlic, black pepper, chicken broth combined together. Can you smell the sweet fragrance?  Hehehe... I can't resist tempting you all with that. ^_^

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