Mar 18, 2011

Food, Love and Movies

Have you ever wondering if you are a food lover? What is a food lover anyway? 

Correct me if I'm wrong. From my point of understanding, food lover is a person who loves food too much, whose passionate about food in general and whose enthusiast about taste, smell and texture of food. Being someone who is so keen on food can be a blessing or a curse. Now that's open for discussion too...

There're a few things that food lovers can't resist : 

First, seeking delicious food all over the world *if they can*. It's like a quest, going to a new place. Trying out new delicacies which are specialty of said places. Perhaps, marking it on the map. Cataloging the journey... So much fun one can get from that. 

Aside from hopping all over the map, a food lover who loves cooking may want to try every distinguish recipes from other regions. There's a lot to learn from a new region's recipe. Like the history of the food. Where it truly origins, who invented the dish, why is it named as it is now. I admit I love knowing and learning all these things!

Watching a movie about food is another delight. It's like when you see them cooking in the movie, you'll wonder what it'll taste like. Then you become so intrigued you'll want to try it yourself. Either seek one out, or try making it yourself. I don't know about anyone else, but I am like that! 

Here are my favorite movies about food. Oh, I love them! Love them so much I'm drooling watching the movies! You might have watched them. But if you haven't, give them a go. You might fall in love...:
  • Julie and Julia    
 Julie & Julia
  • Ratatouille        

  • No Reservations
   No Reservations
  • Chocolat              
  Chocolat (Miramax Collector's Series)


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