Mar 15, 2011

Baking Project : Baked by Daisy

Nine hundred and eighty. That's the number of cookies I made last weekend. And that's what kept me so busy and excited. It started when my friend asked me if I want to join a bake sale. I have never join anything like this, so I said why not. I never knew the works were so consuming, I felt like back in college doing design! 

Urgh...I thought I wouldn't miss it. But I did. Well, it's past now. Okay, back to the cookies. I made three types of family favorites and hope that they will sell well. Baking them was no big deal. Though keeping our hands off the cookies was hard. Truly is, the packaging time that really tested my endurance. 

You see, we searched everywhere for suitable packaging for the cookies but came up empty handed. As a last resort, we use colorful plastic cups to hold the cookies then wrap it with clear plastic. And for a nice touch, a little ribbon to tie it up. And of was worth it. When we *read here my sister and I* see these little cuties lining up on the table, ahh...I can't explain the feelings!  ^_^

One thing leads to another. Since we had venture into this, why not go all the way right? Hence, the birth of Baked by Daisy! Craved cookies? Now you know where to get some. ;)


  1. niceeeeee!!!
    congratsss F!! proud of u! :))

    eh...cookies tu x masuk angin ker??

  2. patut laa bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sgt.....

  3. @ hunny ms : ^_^ ngee, tq. nope, i don't think so. A's mom dh try n said it was good... :P

    @ aisyah : ha...tau pon kn. :D

  4. hari ni makan d last pack. hahaha... rupanya ain nyorokkan ok! too bad, i found them. sarah makan banyak!masih sedap! x msk angin!

  5. hahahah! blh plak main nyorok2... :p by all means, klau nk lg head over to baked by daisy! ;) hug n kiss sarah 4 me pls.... ^_^


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