May 14, 2010

something sweet

i was out shopping for groceries with my little brother and sister the other day.

as we go through the list, we walked by the baking section and i picked up a few packets of yeast. then my brother said; "ha, angah. why don't you make donuts later...we've got yeast already..." and gave me that cheeky smile of his. i was thinking, why not. we haven't had donuts for a long time. 

but of course, i changed my mind and made something else. i tend to do that every once in a, today i granted his wish. all you can eat donuts!! i make a few choices of toppings; original powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar and my new favorite, chocolate sugar. 

i tell you, it's to die for!! and paired these sweet things with chrysanthemum tea; heaven...'sigh'

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