Feb 18, 2011

Can They Be More Real?

Perhaps I shouldn't say this. 
No, wait. I think I should. I just have to get this out. I can't keep it to myself any longer. And please don't assume that whatever I'm about to say has something to do with me. It's not.

Did you watch Ustaz Amirul from the slot Zehra at TV3? Well, that's the reason why I'm so piss of tonight! I get the storyline so far... but the story development in tonight's episode is ridiculous!

I'll tell you why. The male lead, Amirul, already engaged to Munirah. Then, his ex-girlfriend, Adawiyah came back. No conflict there actually. But can you believe that Adawiyah's grandfather asked Amirul to teach Adawiyah on matters of religion where as he's a religious teacher himself? 

Just think. Logically, if your grand daughter was dumped *though wasn't intentionally by the boy*, and the said boy already promised to someone else...you should keep them away right? Not throw them together even with company of others. 

Does her grandfather wants them to rekindle their love? Urgh...Come on! The story has become annoying...I even like it before...


  1. pape pon ayah still ske cte tu...hahahahaha

  2. tau tak per...oohh...mmg sgt tension!!


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