Feb 24, 2011

Two & Zero : A New Path

I bet avid Harimau Malaya fans were gathered up to watch the 2012 AFC Men's Pre-Olympic Tournament (Preliminary Round) between Malaysia and Pakistan which just ended half an hour ago. It was a good game for Malaysia, being in controlled of the game for most of the time. Playing aggressively from the start has rewarded
Malaysia with an early goal by Wan Zaharulnizam at the fourth minutes of the game.

Too bad they were slackened off after that, dragging the game into a bit slow-mo. But not too long, they picked up their spirit again by attacking more through Pakistan's defense. Though all the chances afterwards were fruitless, Harimau Malaya managed to shaken up Pakistan's defenses. 

To add a little bit of drama, one of Pakistan player was given the red card for back-kicking Malaysia's goal keeper, Khairul Fahmi. Despite the fact that the ball was already gripped in Fahmi's hand, he still wanted to knock-off the ball. Left with 10 players, Pakistan's defenses were broken again. Malaysia steals the spotlight just a few minutes before the end of  first half with another goal by Mohd Irfan Fazail at 45'+3.

In the second half, both teams trying hard to score but Harimau Malaya seems to have more upper hand. Despite so many attacks by Malaysia, there were no additions to the goals. Some good shots by Malaysian players did not finish well. While for Pakistan, all of the attempts to score seems futile. Thus the game ended with Malaysia 2 and Pakistan 0. Malaysia will be playing against Pakistan again in Lahore, Pakistan on 9 March 2011

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