Feb 26, 2011

Whisper Falls : Have Faith

Just keep swimming - Dory, Finding Nemo
Whisper Falls: A Destiny NovelHave you ever been in a situation where all things you love doing, things you've accustomed to...are taken away because of something irreparable happened to your life? 

Well, that's the gist of this novel I'm going to dissect for you today. In Whisper Falls by Toni Blake, the main character is Tessa. Just moved from the big city to a her small hometown, Destiny. Forced to leave a big career she had in the city to live a more laid back life because of an illness she just discovered. She has taken life for granted before, and now she wants to appreciate life more and all that it has to offer.

Then came Lucky. Her new biker neighbor who seems mysterious and dangerous at the same time. She knows that he carries a lot of baggages, but that doesn't mean she could stay away from him. The attraction was mutual, and she did have this motto to enjoy life and face what it brings heads on. But not before long when the skeleton crept out from the closet. 

Secrets that Lucky kept hiding away were back haunting him. This is the ultimate test for both of them. This is about what you believe in a person. About your faith in someone you love. Would you still be able to hold on to the one you love when  all odds were against him? Have you ever face the same situation? And what road would you take? To trust and have faith, or walk away? 

So, I guess the story leaves a big impression on me. I like the fact that Tessa did everything to her hearts content. Risky and all, she just go with the flow. Something that I won't be caught doing.... ^_^

p/s: I didn't get to explain the quote from the movie Finding Nemo. Just keep swimming. Rather straight forward as said in the movie. But how do we relate? Well...you might have guess already, but I'll say it anyway. Keep on moving. ;-)

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