Feb 2, 2011

Beautiful Dreamer : Don't Give Up on Hope

Beautiful DreamerMorning all... :) Today we'll start with a book review first. I've been giddy with wanting to review this novel for awhile now. As beautiful as the the title I would say. It's called Beautiful Dreamer written by Elizabeth Lowell.

The story line is very straightforward. It's about a woman whose desperately trying to save her ranch from dying due to the lack of water source. And the man who helps her finding that source of life, whose still trying to find his root, where he's truly belong. Typical romance you say? Well...perhaps you'll think again when you get your hands on one of the copies.

The story was set in Nevada, Texas *no...it's not another cowboy story*. Despite the clear Western background, it's hard to pinpoint the actual timeline. My lucky guess could be on the early 90's. Hope Gardener, like her namesake is full of hope. She's been hoping all her life to revive back the ranch she inherited from her father, back to how it was been during her childhood. She truly believes that in her barren desert land, there's hidden a water source that's waiting to be found.

Then came Rio. He's been hopping all his life helping those in need, reviving their dreams with the water he found for them. Hydrologist by the book, combined with instinct that was thought by his Indian grandfather, he only took what they can afford as payment. Because of his nature, once the water was found he'll set to go. Rio went to Hope's aid after he read messages all over the country posted by those who came to know her struggle. 

Being about land and water, we can't escape all the geological terminologies. Though it could be boring for some, it is rather informative. For it tells us that the writer did her research well in writing the novel. Thus, it is not merely a romance without a backbone. 

The messages it conveys are real. It is plain to see the love between main characters, the hopes and dreams, the war within oneself, and the acceptance of fate. More importantly, the need to exhaust every way possible to make something happen rather than suffers the regret and what-ifs for not trying at all. While not entirely a tear-jerker, there are parts that will touch your heart and make your eyes water. If you've read the novel, then share your opinion here... ;-)

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