Feb 9, 2011

Sweltering Hot

Hi...I'm trying to pretend that I am not melting under this hot weather. It's hard though. Pretending that is. Even harder because there's a maintenance going on at my apartment, that they have to cut the electricity off for awhile! No. Make that a LONG while. Imagine that...Urgh...

The power was cut out at 11 am. From the notice, the cut off will be until 4 pm! Five hours without fan in this sweltering hot day?! NO!!!!!!

Thankfully it didn't took that long. And the power was back on just before 2 pm. Thinking back, we are so much depending on technology nowadays even a little inconvenience like this will put us off the track...

Ever imagine what'll happen if all of these so-called-technology that we greatly depending on is snatch away from us? It will be SCARY! 


  1. duh...just which part of lemak yg kne bakar tu??? oohh...ok, i get it..hehehe :D


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