Feb 7, 2011

Funny buns!

Here is something cute and totally edible to starts of your day! ^__^ These are so adorable that it was almost hurting me to eat them. Almost...

We might as well know that it's hard for me to resist it. Soft, chewy, sweet beanie bunnies and prickly porcupines
:-D That's the name okay...The recipe is the same as this one, only change I made was the shape... :o)

Little bunnies in the midst of baking
Making pricks for prickly porcupines!
Baked bunnies...cuteness!!
I think I know what're they discussed of...'Whose gonna be sacrifice first??!'Muahahaha!!
Introducing...Mr.Bunny & Ms.Prickly!
These are cousins: Pillowy and Softy
Aren't they cute together? sigh...Notice the family gathering back there? They're blessed..
With sweet bean inside, can you resist? ;-)


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