Feb 14, 2011

Pillow Talk

I don't have anything on my mind right now. I know I just type this without putting my mind into it. This is just an entry before I go to sleep. *As if I'm not sleepy already* Not to mention the tv is still buzzing with yet another commercial...Like, how many do you want the same commercial aired repeatedly? For goodness sake! We get them already...

What's on tv? I think I'm watching Overhaulin'. But it's not that I'm paying attention to it. Well, maybe a little since it's the final prank they're going to pull now. Oh, by the way...did I mention that Chris the Host is cute? I mean MAJOR cuteness?? Hehehe...okay, please don't puke on your keyboard. That would be gross! I don't want to be hold guilty for THAT...@_@ 

O_o Now, seriously... That CAR, is AMAZING! Royal blue and silver?! Very fetching I must say... >_< 
Lucky man...Who didn't want their car to be kidnapped if it returned totally reformed in a take-your-breath-away, sparkling new condition? And ready to hit the road, showing it off... I bet you want it happened to you too!

The show's over now. Time to hit the bed. Nighty night...zzz

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