Feb 1, 2011

5 Rencah 5 Rasa : Chinese New Year

For today's slot, chef Sherson Lian was making 5 dishes out of 5 ingredients he bought from wet market around Selayang. Those five things are chicken eggs (AA size), frozen duck (better fresh one), green peas, baby corn, and yam.
The theme for today was Chinese New Year. Thus we are going to learn something even if only a little about traditional Chinese cuisine usually serves during the 'big dinner' on the eve of Chinese New Year. All of the dishes has its own symbolic meaning that connects with health, longevity and prosperity.

So lets get to the menu:
  1. Yam Ring
  2. Roast Duck
  3. Tang Yuan 
  4. Chinese Tea
We will get to the recipes one at a time in the future! ^_^ 

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