Feb 7, 2011

The Best Food on A Very Hot Day

It is so hot outside I wish there are some ice cream stashed in the freezer. I believe we are coming into the hot season already. And what do you think is best on a very hot day??? Instead of ice cream please...I've told you that one... ;-)

Top 5 of What's Best to Have On A Very HOT Day:
  1. Ice Cream - my favorite will be vanilla with raspberry sauce! Or make your own ice cream 
  2. Cendol Pulut satu - there's one stall on the way to Bangi Lama makes the BEST cendol pulut
  3. Air Batu Campur (ABC) - extra ice cream and sweet corn please...
  4. Out of fridge Tou Fu Fah - Yummy yummy!
  5. Ice Lemon Tea - aahhh...
There you go. My favorites on a hot day like today. So what's yours? ^__^


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