Jun 15, 2011

First Baked

I love morning

Always look forward for breakfast...

And one of my favorite song

Love the way it sounds at first

Soft and sweet

And then...

It rise...

and rise...

and RISE!

I listen to this while having my breakfast

Two carrot muffins that I baked with enthusiasm this morning 

It was my first time you know...

With the carrots

I don't know what to expect 

Thought it would be too sweet...

But it turns out wonderful actually!

Will I made the muffins again?

You bet!


  1. i hate u...always try new recipe when im not around..

  2. he3...too bad the inspiration came when u r not home..what to do??! ;)

  3. bila la nak merasa sekali nih... huhuhuhu


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