Jun 13, 2011

The Art of Alfredo

Any type of pasta in a white, cheesy, creamy sauce is forever the comfort food. Known all over the globe as alfredo sauce, the taste is widely varied. There are so many version of alfredo sauce out there, each one has been improvised by the cooks to suit their palates. 

The most basic recipe requires only five ingredients. This a 'great sauce' if you are so in a hurry you need to eat and just don't care about savoring the food. From my experience, the sauce do give a basic base but it is just too bland. Which is also great since we can practically add up anything into the sauce to suit our picky taste buds! *That is, if you're anything like me... :-p*

Here are a few recipes that have been improvised as an alternatives to the basic recipe. The sauce differs only slightly, with a few additional ingredients add in for more flavors: 
  1. Light Alfredo Sauce - using skim milk instead of heavy cream
  2. Alfredo Sauce with egg yolk in it
  3. The Classic Alfredo

1. Onion and garlic; minced, chopped parsley  2. Thinly sliced kacang botol , red chili and lime  3. Shredded oyster mushroom & thinly sliced celery  4. Cream cheese  5. 1 Tin of Cream of mushroom (Not in the picture)  6. Salt & black pepper to taste (Not in the picture)

As for me, I'm using the basic recipe as guideline. To add more umph into the sauce, I've added more ingredients  (as pictured above). Sauteeing the onions, add in vegies, then the cream of mushroom, add some water and cream cheese. Simmer until the cheese has melted. Then add in chopped parsley and season with salt and black pepper. Adjust the taste to your liking before serves over cooked pasta *I used fettucine*, garnish with lime slices and parsley. *Squeeze a slice of lime onto the sauce and bon appetit!*


  1. the lime is totally mine and it was awesome!!!

  2. I love alfredo~ yours looks amazing!!

  3. @ aisyah : Yes! the lime DID make a difference!! ^_^

    @ mr.pineapple man : Thanks! A slight twist was all it needs...


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