Apr 7, 2011

7 Sites Worth Checking Out

Basically, I'm into art, foods, fun stuffs and music. So I can't help it if I wanted to share these awesome websites that fall into either one of those categories. They'll make you smile, amazed and laugh! It'll worth your while... ^_^ 
  1. This one is freaking funny! Check this Everyday Objects Come Alive
  2. Have fun with this...Silk
  3. Impressed someone or just amazed yourselves. Tricky milk...hmm 
  4. What do you want to do before you die : Be inspired here
  5. Super-cool stuffs that you'll want them in your house, and I'm so want one of these!
  6. Pet owners alert : You might want to stick this on your door too 
  7. And I just plain loving this quote. Talk about snowballing things. Make sure you read the history too...That's where the seed was!
For the wrap up, enjoy the video! Introduced by my bestie, I'm sure I love songs with foods in it. ^_^ From Youtube as always...

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