Jan 3, 2011

rainwater : love without words

Rainwaterit's been awhile since my last post on books. so tonight i'd like to review one of my favorite reading. this one titled rainwater by sandra brown. it is by far the best i could recommend from many of her books. set in during the depression time in america, it highlights on the subject of good and evil; where things doesn't actually seem like it was. and the subject of love; love beyond reason, love for humanity, love for those in needs.

what i like most about the novel is how the events take turn in the plot intertwined with the emotional play.
it clearly leave me feeling raw. for my usual cup of tea is mostly chick-lit, light hearted kind of novels. i had to admit that the character grew on me. but some might find that rainwater to be a little slow to read. not to fret though, once you have grasp the gist of it, trust me, you don't want to put it down till the last page.

uhh...by the way, prepare yourself a box of tissue. just in case someone might tear up.


  1. Huh.. Nampaknya jai kena lebih fokus on english.. sebab paham ckit2 je..he3(sekolah dulu mlas, camnilah jadinya)

  2. ^_^ kite same2 blaja bro. ini pon ckp bkn btul sgt nih. klau org lg power english bace mau gelak terguling... grammar tunggang langgang! hehehe

  3. Tu orang lain baca, ni sendiri baca pun dah terguling2 sebab x reti nak sebut.. baca dalam hati pun mau tergeliat hati...he3

  4. :-D bro, tergeliat ati xper lg. jgn smp heart attack dh la...naya plak nanti...ngee...^__^


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