Jan 24, 2011

light dinner : pizza-style focaccia

when was the last time you had pizza for dinner? last night? last week? 
well...i always had a hankering for pizza. maybe its about the savory, sweet and salty taste that always did me in.
this light dinner will do when i was too lazy to cook. light as it was, this thin foccasia was very fulfilling. using my favorite dough as the base, i lathered the top with my handy pasta sauce. always kept frozen in the fridge for time like this. 

this light fulfilling meal can be done in a jiffy. quick and satisfying, the crust will be crispy with the center being a little chewy...hmm, so finger licking good! 

not to forget, before you pop the bread in the oven, as you bake a pizza, sprinkle freshly chopped basil, a little italian herbs, a pinch of salt and crushed black pepper for added umph! enjoy... ;)

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