Jan 3, 2011

as sweet as cinnamon

in the scale of one to ten, how would you rate the smell of just-baked cinnamon rolls? be it at your home or when you pass along a bakery...i would say... pretty much eight and above right? >_< i know...the heavenly smell of cinnamon always did me in. i knew that cinnamon is beneficial for health in general, but never it occurs to me that it has so many benefits!

let just say, after you read all the additional goodness it provides, you'll want to include it more into your cooking! okay, we get back to our original topic. my love for bread and cinnamon might as well result in me making yet another cinnamon rolls at home. what can i say...i girl gotta have what she craves! ;-)

it was perfect. sweet, sugary, blissfully cinnamon rolls ready to be devour! here is recipe of this sweet smelling cinnamon rolls ^_^

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