Jan 29, 2011

It's Good to See You!

I'm soooooo happy! ^__^  I just got back from Z wedding's reception and met my old schoolmates. Ahh...been so long since I see them all. 

Almost everyone looks different... and I apologize if I forgot some of your names. But I DO remember you guys okay...No hard feeling please...^_^

And maybe because I lurve...wedding, I felt very much elated! Makes me want to sing....Makes me want to dance....hehehehe...okay, you might think I'm high on drugs now. O_o Another embarrassing story of me... Being so excited when having our pictures taken with the wedding couple, I almost fell on my face! 

Hahaha...that's the dangerous thing when you are wearing high heels! Gotta keep checking on yourselves or you might be kissing Mr.-Flat-Surface. Huhuhuhu...just my luck today, because of the incident I got to bring back two cupcakes from the cupcakes' tower! >_< I've been licking the cream all the way back home...Yummilicious!

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