Jan 10, 2011

AJL 25 : and the winner is...

well...well...well...what an unexpected turned of event. i was hoping for rocking-the-stage performances by all contestants. too bad that most of them sang without their heart in it. *i mean, no-goosebumps baby...so, it's a negative vote from me* 

i don't feel the zing till the end. wait...except during the special performance by siti nurhaliza and ziana zain before the winners were announced. now, they totally rawk the stage! and the winners...hmm, i didn't get my wish. but here's the list anyway...

best performance : hanyut by faizal tahir
best vocal : hafiz
3rd place : noktah cinta by hafiz
2nd place : drama king by meet uncle hussein feat. black
juara lagu : tolong ingatkan aku by ana raffali

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