Jan 10, 2011

flood victims : three - hopefully not counting

good morning! some of us may feel a little bit down today since their favorite singer didn't win the AJL 25 last night. *including me of course... :-(* but that is not the issue today. the keyword is FLOOD. see the caps lock? meaning it's important. 

in the news this morning, two more victims were added to the statistics. including yesterday, its now has been three deaths due to the flood in kelantan. somehow, it has been inevitable to stay death-toll free during flood season. why is that? we may tend to ask. like it or not, half of the reasons lies on us. 

the parents warned their children not to play in the water. it may seem shallow, but who knows what's flowing in it. while the children might have follow the orders only for a while. but later on, they found out the water is another adventurous playground. not being under the watchful eyes of adults might proves to be a deadly move. when that happens, it's too late to be sorry. 

on the other hand, when all precautions have been taken... yet the death somehow... someway still occurs, that's where we left things to fate. we have to accept it even if it's bitter... condolence to the victims families. 

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