Jan 27, 2011

Life Is A Blessing

Morning...^_^ starts the day of with a little walk around the lake, snapping a few pictures before heading back home. Such a serene and tranquil day is hard to come by. But, beside the peaceful morning there's still some unpleasant things occurred somewhere else. On morning news today, one thing that held my attention was about a baby that was left on a car somewhere at a parking lot. 

How could they left their own child to an unknown fate like that?  If the car owner didn't found the baby, how unfortunate the baby's fate would become. Exposed to the weather...wild dogs running around...scares me out of my wit. Where is the heart? Or it would be more accurate if I say that they don't have a heart. For them to leave a defenseless baby as it was...So heartless! 

Babies are one of many blessings in life. There are many couples out there who want a child of their own but can't. While these cold-hearted people, can't seem to live with their 'mistake'. And instead of rectifying it, they  seek 'the easy way out'.  

I just hope that these so-called-human will be haunted by their mistake for as long as they live. They surely don't deserve to live a peaceful life. I rest my case.

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