Jan 14, 2011

arzian books : a hidden treasure

listen up everyone!!!   ^_^ 
there, i got your attention. i decided that tonight's a bookworm night! so what's on my bookshelf today? hmm...i think skip what i have for tonight cuz i'd love to introduce this website selling secondhand books at a very fair price. and believe me, you won't find that kind of offer anywhere.

for your information, they have quite a selections of novels in english and bahasa melayu range from kids to adults. they also have some comic books that hard to come by nowadays. and for parents who want to encourage their youngsters to read, they also offered various titles suitable for the young minds. 

now, what are you waiting for? head over to ArZian Books and see for yourself. you might end up with the best bargain ever.... ^_^ 

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