Dec 17, 2010

extra cheese please

i'm in the middle of watching Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull. i've never known indiana jones could be quite funny...all this time, i thought the storyline was heavy and boring so i've never watch one. well, that's not the reason i'm posting. i've been meaning to make this for so long. and i made it today! yippee!!! you want to know what's that it? drum roll please...ehem, ok. here you go ^_^

if you are tired of sweet muffins, now is the right time to try some savory muffins. reduce the sugar, add some spices, herbs, peppers, sausages and cheese...can you picture that? i bet you can even taste it now. ;-) perfect  for breakfast or evening tea.

sometimes, a little change is needed to make things more interesting. the next time i made these, i'll be putting extra of the spices, herbs, pepper and cheese since i felt that the end product lack of something or... everything. so i'm going to make this again with a few changes. 

nonetheless, this is a good basis for muffins and can easily be improvised to suit your taste. i do believe that try and error will always make you a better cook! here is the recipe


  1. F..gambar2 yg awk tngkp semua lawa2.
    awk guna camera ape haaa?? HAHA

    oh and all the foods pics does look yummy. naaaaaaakkkkkkkkk jugakkkkkkk!
    tsk tsk =(

  2. omg han, u r making me blush! ^__^
    it's my 1 and only cammy, beli time 1st year dlu...yg kiter slalu gune cam-whoring like crazy 2gether with A...
    it might be out dated now. but still,if u know how 2 use it and play with different angle, can still get a good pictures. and of course, a little 'make-up' won't hurt either! ;-)

  3. haha kt mcm dah agak camera lama tuh...cuma tak caye the pics quality still turn out to be sgt OK. hehehe :P

  4. yeap, the pics quality still good plus a little bit of tweaking can sometimes upgraded them to superfine!


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