Dec 2, 2010


i tried my hands on gingerbread today. and guess what, i forgot the main ingredient! yeap, you heard me. GINGERBREAD w-i-t-h-o-u-t G-I-N-G-E-R. imagine my face when its baked, out of the oven, sitting on my cooling rack, first thing that hit me; hmm...i don't smell any ginger here. oh well, maybe it doesn't give out any smell in baked goods. i thought. 

supposedly, any spices will release their fragrant when heated right. so...something is missing. 

then, i can't wait any longer - more like curious on how i taste since this is my first time and i don't know what to expect - i cut a slice and dig in. hmmmmmmm - a long one - it is different than any other cakes i made. not so sweet which is fine by me, slightly moist with a hint of mix spices. 

BUT where the heck did the GINGER hide??? i can't even taste it, much less smell it. and all came back to me. like flashback, the sequence of the baking process reversed in my mind. put the pan in the oven, mixing wet and dry, putting all things together...great, i left out the GINGER. and here it is now, the NON-GINGER GINGERBREAD. oh well, it still taste good though. kind of like spice cake. i like it. totally going to improve this one! :-P

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