Nov 25, 2010

treasure island

tonight, i'm in a talkative mood. so lets talk about books. i love books. i love reading. too many favorite writers, i can't pick personal favorite because i like them all. i still remember the first english story book that i got was the teddy bear's tail  by enid blyton. i love it so much and it's so very dear to me. i remember the stories, always funny
but still have underlying message in it. i don't understand so much back then. but now, i love to read it just for the reminiscent of my beautiful childhood.

in my teenage days, i'm into sweet valley twin series by francine pascals. elizabeth and jessica wakefield. the characters felt so real as if i'm right with them, just invicible.*i admit it, i'm such a dreamer*. has anyone read those? the sweet valley high, sweet valley university...ahh, love them! i read a lot of classics too those days. pride and prejudice, dracula, much ado about named a few. let just say,i'm kind of intrigue by the language that i don't mind reading the book even if i don't understand half of the content. they were good reads though. like walking back in time...

well...lets leave it at that for now. there's more to come in the future...good night and sweet dream everyone! ^_^

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