Dec 9, 2010

one big, yellow thing

i have to post these mouth-watering pictures of lemon chocolate chip poppyseed muffin. even the name itself is mouthful. ;-) i made this for breakfast long time ago and totally forgot about it. and i believe its a crime on my part not to post the pictures of this really, really, really delicious tangy muffin. 

just imagine the blend of flavors inside your mouth. at your first bite, you'll hear the crunch of poppyseed topping. and as you swallow, the strong, tangy lemon flavor will hit your taste bud. just as quickly, the bitterness of chocolate chips will wash away the strong taste leaving you with subtle taste of everything and makes you want to reach for another...

^__^ hows that? okay, wipe away da drool and enjoy the rest... ^wink^


  1. i love all ur pictures F. sangat lawa!!

  2. huhu...^_^ thank u han! there's still lot more to learn. n thanks for the motivation! ;)


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